Stephanie Tang Shares Insights on Timely Family Law Topics in Recent Clubhouse Event, Podcasts and IG Live

Partner Stephanie Tang has been a frequent contributor on family law topics through various outlets recently including Clubhouse, Instagram Live and multiple podcasts.

In these discussions, Stephanie, along with other experienced attorneys, shares insights on topics including religious and cultural considerations in divorce, the practice of family law and the differences and similarities of divorce in the US and UK.


Legal Counsel

Stephanie spoke with Heather Taylor, a divorced mother of four, about advice for people considering divorce, first steps when looking into the process, mediation and many other important topics in this episode of Heather’s Detours.

Get Divorced Without Getting Screwed: The Cultural Issues in Divorce Men Need to Know

Host John Nachlinger spoke with Stephanie about the cultural issues in the legal process, approaching divorce with the right mindset, mistakes people often make and more in this podcast episode of Divorce Shield.

She’s On Top with Stephanie Tang

Christine Carr and Stephanie discussed the evolution of the divorce process, leadership styles and the intricacies of communication in this episode of the She’s On Top podcast.

Instagram Live: Divorce in the US vs UK

Divorce Coach Janet Henson joined Stephanie for an Instagram Live to discuss the similarities and differences between divorce in the US vs. the UK.

Clubhouse: Religious and Cultural Considerations in Divorce with Jacqueline Harounian and Geanina Bullock

Stephanie, Jacqueline Harounian and Geanina Bullock discussed religious and cultural considerations in divorce on Clubhouse, exploring this important topic which is often overlooked during the divorce process.

Stephanie practices in all areas of family law, providing personalized attention to her clients throughout the litigation and settlement process. She is a certified mediator, a Fellow with Collaborative Divorce Illinois and a Certified Financial Litigator with the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators. Stephanie has significant experience with the divorce process and is also knowledgeable when it comes to tackling complex financial issues.


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