Stephanie Tang Discusses the Intricacies of Collaborative Divorce in an All-New Divorce for Busy Millennials Episode

Partner Stephanie Tang joined Jackie M. on the Divorce for Busy Millennials Podcast to cover various topics encompassing the collaborative divorce model.

Podcast topics included:

  • The differences between aspects of divorce law
  • The unique benefits of the collaborative divorce process
  • What to expect when going through divorce as a millennial
  • Why Stephanie chose to practice family law and her impressive experience as an attorney

This conversation, along with other Divorce for Busy Millennials episodes, can be found here.

Stephanie practices in all areas of family law, providing personalized attention to her clients throughout the litigation and settlement process. She is a certified mediator, a Fellow with Collaborative Divorce Illinois and a Certified Financial Litigator with the American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators. Stephanie has significant experience with the divorce process and is also knowledgeable when it comes to tackling complex financial issues.


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