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In many divorces, arriving at a child custody agreement is only part of determining how both parents will continue to spend time with and raise their children. When there is a parent that is not awarded residential custody, that parent has parenting time and visitation rights under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

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Establishing Visitation

Gone are the days where children visit their non-custodial parents every other weekend. The courts now recognize that both parents should have a substantial role in the life of their children. While every family is different, many non-custodial parents can expect generous visitation time with their children.

There are, however, a few circumstances where visiting time may be limited by the court. In these cases, the court may be concerned about the welfare of the child and restrict visiting time or even assign supervision.

Visitation can be limited if:

  • There are domestic violence issues
  • The non-custodial parent has a criminal history
  • The non-custodial parent has substance abuse issues
  • The non-custodial parent is residing with romantic partner

Like other divorce terms, parenting time and visitation can be modified if there is a significant change in a parent’s circumstances. No matter what your concerns are, our firm is ready to listen, discuss your options, and ensure that the court is thoroughly informed of your critical role in the life of your child.

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