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When there are children involved in a divorce, they are often a priority for both parents. For the court, the child’s best interests are also paramount and ordering child support is one such way that the state of Illinois wants to ensure the child is provided for. Because the court has the final say in these rulings, child support determinations are often a source of anxiety for these parents.

At Kogut & Wilson, L.L.C., our team of legal advocates recognizes that, for many of our clients, their children are the most important factor in their divorce. That is why we take a diligent, thorough approach to these matters in order to secure an appropriate child support determination. Our Chicago family law attorneys have handled hundreds of these cases and know to compellingly articulate the needs of a family to the court.

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Calculating Child Support

Much like in spousal support determinations, the courts now have access to guidelines and formulas that they can use to determine child support. However, the court has the authority to deviate from this formula when they feel it is necessary to serve the best interests of the child.

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act provides:

  • One child – 20% of the payer’s net income
  • Two children – 28% of the payer’s net income
  • Three children – 32% of the payer’s net income
  • Four children – 40% of the payer’s net income
  • Five children – 45% of the payer’s net income
  • Six (or more) children – 50% of the payer’s net income

Note here that “net income” means the payer’s income after taxes have been removed. Child support determinations are meant to serve families long-term, but it can be possible to seek a modification if the circumstances of either parent or the child drastically change. No matter what your child support concerns are, our firm is ready to listen and, if necessary, seek a legal remedy for you and your family.

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