• Coronavirus Family Law Resources

    Coronavirus Family Law Resources   While the world continues to explore methods of preventing the spread of coronavirus, keeping up with the day-to-day changes of the virus can be very challenging – especially if these impacts directly affect concerning family legal matters. The attorneys at Kogut & Wilson are staying current with all changes in

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  • Same Sex Divorce

    Chicago Same-Sex Divorce Attorneys Vigilant Counsel for LGBT Couples & Families The state of Illinois legalized same-sex marriage in November 2013 with the passage of the Religious Freedom of Marriage Act. Less than two years later, the United States Supreme Court decided Obergefell v. Hodges, which recognized the fundamental right to marry for all Americans,

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  • High Net Worth Divorce

    High Net-Worth Divorce in Chicago Dependable Guidance from Proven Chicago Family Lawyers Divorces are often more complex than a couple initially realizes, but when there are significant assets involved, the process can become many times more complicated. In these cases, it takes diligent, resourceful counsel to help evaluate the wide scope of these marital estates

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  • Post-Divorce

    Post-Divorce Modifications in Chicago When Life Changes, So Should Your Divorce When a divorce is finally completed, clients usually feel relief that they were able to weather the process and come out the other side. Unfortunately, for some of these divorced individuals, however, their legal issues have not ended. It’s common for ex-spouses to clash

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  • Legal Separation

    Chicago Separation Lawyers Understand All Your Options with Our Family Law Attorneys When couples hit an uncertain time in their marriage, it’s natural for them to part ways. However, not all couples are comfortable with the finality of a divorce. Instead, many of them opt for a legal separation—which provides the same legal partitioning between

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