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  • Divorce & Family Law FAQ

    We understand those addressing family law issues have questions regarding their situation. Our team of attorneys at Kogut & Wilson have outlined the most commonly asked questions.

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  • Is a Divorce Really Over When it is Finalized?

    It is important to know there are a few matters that may need attention even after a divorce is final.

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  • A Better Understanding of Divorce Options

    The terms litigation, mediation and collaborative divorce are often used when referring to divorce methods, but what do these techniques actually entail?

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  • COVID-19 Impacts on Prenuptial Agreements

    Has COVID-19 impacted your wedding plans? If so, we encourage you to take another look at your prenuptial agreement terms.

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  • Divorced Parents Moving During COVID-19

    Has COVID-19 caused a change in your housing circumstances? Considering a move to avoid the condensed urban environment? Before finalizing any plans, divorced parents need to consider the specific provisions in their parenting agreement that deal with moving or relocation.

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